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17 July 2023 - Updated minutes from May 2023.  Date of September meeting changed to from 18 to 27 September.

13 July 2023 - Updated zoom link and dial-in for meetings.  Added minutes for March 2023.

20 March 2023 - Updated board meeting dates, minutes and added meeting agenda

16 December 2022 - Speed monitoring on Locksley Arch.  Message from the Board:


A major concern of residents in our community has been speeding and traffic violations on Locksley Arch.  This concern has been addressed with the City of Virginia Beach and they are in agreement that steps need to be taken to prevent accidents and injury in the future. They will, therefore, be dedicating resources to raise awareness.


Before the end of the year, the City will be deploying a speed trailer on Locksley Arch.  The purpose of the trailer is intended to raise awareness to speed in comparison to the posted speed limit.  Depending on the results of the speed trailer, the City police department may take further action of assigning speed enforcement patrols.  As most traffic in our neighborhood is residents, the likelihood of infractions being residents is high.  As a result, the Board and the City are hopeful the traffic monitoring will help reduce the instances of unsafe driving.  

Thank you for being mindful of your neighbors and our children and helping our neighborhood to be a safe place to live,  walk and play!


18 November 2022 - Updated board members and meeting info


22 April 2022 - Updated forms page

15 March 2022 - Updated meeting minutes for November 2021 and details for future board meetings.

27 November 2021 - Updated meeting minutes and future Board meeting dates.

11 October 2021 - Updated meeting minutes and future Board meeting dates.  Updated status of erosion control and repair projects.

5 September 2021 - Update on meadow maintenance schedule for the small lake. 

24 August 2021 - Updated Board Members and positions with result of 2021 Annual Meeting.  Updated minutes from past meetings.   Updated information on commercial developments to reflect year of information and current status.  Updated homeowner request page.

4 June 2021 - Updated meeting information with link to minutes from March.  Added a link and information on commercial development on the south lake.


23 March 2021 - Updated meeting information with links for future Board meeting times and added approved minutes for 9 January meeting.

9 January 2021 - Updated links and pages to reflect transition to UPA as the SLCA management company.  Minor page edits to clarify and update information.  Updated links in meetings to include additional meeting minutes

8 January 2021 - Updated meeting page with SLCA January zoom meeting information and details

1 September 2020 - Updated information for 8 September Budget development meeting including link to broadcast and question submission link.

21 August 2020 - Updates on minutes from January meeting, Agenda of August meeting and added future meetings in September, October, and January.

24 May 2020 - Meeting dates and times updated to reflect restrictions to public meetings for COVID-19.  

19 January 2020 - SLCA has a new community Manager, Tiffanie Royster who is taking over from Brenda Kennedy who retired in January 2020.  The website has been updated with Tiffanie's contact information

7 January 2020 - Updated meeting dates and locations

20 October - Updated minutes and meeting documents

                          Provided list of home maintenance issues noted on recent inspection

                          Updated agenda an location for November meeting

6 September - Update on repair to the south lake's west embankment and information on walking path closures

20 August - Updated the Board Members based on results of the vote at the annual membership meeting.


11 July - Updated Meeting information page:

  • July 9th Homeowner Information Meeting

    • Added the WPL presentation​

    • Added answers to questions submitted by homeowners

    • Added Virginia Conservation Assistance Program Brochure

    • Added Virginia Tech Stormwater Management Fact Sheet

  • July 17th Homeowner Information Meeting

    • The South Lake commercial developer​ will present plans

    • ShoreBreak Pizza is planned on the lot

  • August​ 19th Annual Membership Meeting

    • Election of one Board Member position​

    • Selection of Board Positions

    • Regular Board Meeting

30 Jun - Updated:

14 Jun - Added details for: 

22 May - Updates from the SLCA Board of directors meeting


9 Apr - Answered a question regarding access points to the lake.


6 Apr - Updated Homeowner Questions and Maintenance and Improvements with information on the landscaping stakes placed on 3 April


24 Mar - Trimming of the lake shorelines was delayed for weather, but is still scheduled to occur at first opportunity.  A question and response was posted regarding homeowner questions regarding leash laws for pets.


16 Mar - Added a page for the status of Maintenance and Improvement Projects 


14 Mar - Updated the Stormwater Construction page with project progress update

24 Feb - Updated Meeting Information and Homeowner Requests with updates from the SLCA Board meeting on February 12th.  Updated Forms Section with additional information and updated forms.  Included a new Form for resident complaints.  Updated the Stormwater Construction Page with additional information and project updates.


31 Jan -  Update on Board meeting location, calendar update, Interconnect update and contact information for Brenda updated to new email address


11 Dec - Postal delivery issues, and an update on the shoreline in front of bench on small lake


10 Dec - Updated the board records request file and the 2019 coupon request 


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Entrance sign for Sherwood Lakes neighborhood

The Sherwood Lakes Community Association is governed by the documents recorded at the Clerk's office at the City of Virginia Beach and Chapter 26 of the Code of Virginia, titled "Property Owners' Association Act."  

It is part of Title 55, titled "Property and Conveyances".

To obtain the most current Rules and Regulations email, please contact Brenda Kennedy.


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