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Helpful Forms

  • Resident Complaint Form - Email  Residents may submit a formal complaint to Atlantic Community Management.  This will allow ACM to take appropriate action.  The form provides the type of information ACM will need to address issues raised by residents.  Instructions and suggestions for additional information are provided on the form.

  • Correspondence Method Request - Email  Residents may elect to receive notices from UPA Community Management by email or US mail.  Documents will always be sent by US mail when legally required.  

  • 2022 Coupon Book Order Form - Email  Coupons for mailing SLCA monthly HOA Dues

  • ACH Debit Application - Email  Form to elect electronic payment of HOA Dues

  • Tenant Information Sheet - Email  Homeowners renting their home must provide tenant information and should use this form

  • Architectural Change Form - Email  Homeowners are responsible for gaining architectural change approval of all projects in accordance with association rules.  Requests may be approved, denied, or modifications may be required.  Status of change proposals will be provided to requesting homeowners in writing by ACM on behalf of the SLCA.  Residents should not move forward with projects without written approval.  

  • DPOR Complaint Form - Email  This form is available to all Association Owners as required by Section 55-530.E of the Code of Virginia.

Completed Forms may be mailed, faxed or emailed.

  • Mailing address:  

    • UPA (Community) ​301 Bendix Road, Ste. 300, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

    • Atlantic (Condo / Townhome) : 5520 Greenwich Road, Suite 201, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

      • FAX: (757) 473-3020 (TEL: (757) 473-2626)

  • Emails are in the links above and hyperlinked in the form documents

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