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Stormwater Construction Project


Lake Interconnect Project

  • Nottoway Lane

    • Road closure is complete

  • Locksley Arch 

    • The road was briefly closed on 13 March to facilitate use of a crane to remove the temporary dam material.
  • A flap valve gate is being fabricated for the lake interconnect and the contractor is making preparations to install the valve.


Pump Station Project

  • Locksley Arch single lane traffic

    • In April 2019 the area in front of the new pump station on the west side of the north lake will be single lane with flaggers for approximately one week during the day.  The work site will be covered with steel plates and two lanes will be open when flaggers are not present at night.

    • The work is beyond the traffic circle and should primarily affect residents with homes on the north side of the north (big) lake.

  • The walking path entering the woods

    • The path is currently closed between the north woods path exit and Locksley Arch.  

    • The closure will allow the pump discharge to be permanently buried under the path.  

    • The contractor is awaiting structure fabrication to  complete the discharge outfall.  

    • There is no current estimate for when the path will be re-opened.

Current Project Dates:

  • Phase 1 (12/1/2018-12/31/2018) COMPLETE:

  1. Mobilize equipment and material to jobsite.

  2. Set up laydown area for stockpiling of material.

  3. Strip topsoil for trenchline and prepare North Lake for installation of steel sheeting to install flared end section (pipe outlet structure).

  4. Seismic monitors set up along with preconstruction survey (done on 4 houses closest to excavation).  


  • Phase 2 - North Lake (1/2/2018-2/15/2018) IN WORK:

  1. Install flared end section (pipe outlet structure), rip rap and first segment of 42" reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) to junction box (large manhole-type structure being installed where the pipe alignment changes direction and turns south).

  2. Set junction box.

  3. Pull shoring from North Lake, clean up this section.

  4. Prepare for installation of 42" RCP across Locksley Arch towards the South Lake.

Interconnect Pipe Phase 1 and 2 Limits.j

The clouded area in the figure above shows the approximate limits of the major activities in Phases 1 and 2.  Updates on the future phases will be posted as work dates get closer.


A schedule has not been developed for the pump station which is a separate contract.

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