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Utilities and Services

Dominion Energy


Hampton Roads Sanitation District

  • Customer Service -  (757)460-2491


Phone, Internet, and TV Options


Postal Service

  • The regular postal carrier was out sick over the last few weeks but has returned to work.  The Post Office supervisor is aware packages were delivered late, there were days without mail delivery, and erroneous delivery codes were used while the regular carrier was out.  The supervisor provided contact information to the Board in case we notice a pattern of issues in the neighborhood again.  

  • If you have US Postal Service delivery issues you would like passed on to the local supervisor, Contact Us.  neighborhood report with all collected reports will be sent to assist the supervisor in addressing the issue.  Please be specific with date, tracking number, and address so we can forward the correct details.

Trash and Recycling

Homes on Locksley Arch (City Street Addresses)

All Other Community Addresses (Private Street Addresses)

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